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The blog-o-sphere is an amazing place. It’s almost like real life… Crazy people and sane ones, passionate ones, prideful and angst ridden ones as well as a fair number of some genuine stream of consciousness posts abound. I was particularly proud of my campaign web site. We had a vibrant bog that was open, frequently posted to, and never once censored. I often think that’s where we should be…

There are blogs (in our great Commonwealth and elsewhere) where the blogster (left and right) posts just about any inflammatory thing they can. I read them too. It’s not just the MSM that doesn’t fact check, but the point is freedom of speech. My fondest hope is that we ALL keep in mind that that freedom should be applied to ALL forms of expression. When one form of it is diminished all forms are. End of the sermon… Can I have an amen? Probably not…

The rules for the VBC are sorta loose. What I’ll do this week is to provide a thumbnail of each submission (in the order of submission) and a link to the site. For those of you reading this, step up to the plate and volunteer to host. Send Chad a note so we can continue this righteous quest.

Different River posts about health care and which model can best be the one we use. Different’s comments on the post: Paul Krugman extols the VA health care system as a model for how government health care can be better than private health care — but he gets some key facts wrong, and with those facts corrected, his whole argument falls apart. (Getting Around editorial note: Health care is a very important issue to me, both for the 45 million uninsured in America as well as all those military kids that are gonna need it in the future.)

Early Riser post is titled “Why I’m a Republican�. Early’s comments are: “Early Riser answers the question that all of his liberal friends
are asking… Why am I a Republican?â€? (Getting Around editorial note: As a UU my self I was intrigued by this post)

Ok. Using some of that freedom of speech I just yakked about, this entry is not a VA blog, but the bird does live in VA so I allowed it. John posts: “Hi, I don’t live in Virginia (I’m in DC), but I thought you might have some interest in this since the snowy owl at Dulles has been a big event for northern Virginia birders. If it doesn’t qualify I can understand.â€? (Getting Around editorial note: I’m not a birder, but we had Pileated Woodpecker living and raising a family for two years in our back yard and it was an amazing sight when Woody took to the air.)

NOVA Democrat posts about the James Webb run for US Senate this year against Senator Allen entitled “Who Will Support Webb?� This is James Martin’s first submission to VBC so be gentle. (Getting Around editorial note: I’m always interested in what groups/individuals support who in these races. Sometimes the decisions can be so clinical and all sides lose some great talent to the decisions made. Bench is important)

High Desert Wanderer posts about the Wanderer’s amazement on who comments on the blog. I was especially struck by the “Community� comment at the end. (Getting Around editorial note: The posters names were unknown to me, but it could be a Right Brain – Left Brain thing. That’s really irrelevant tho as I know who I’d crow about if they ever posted a comment on my blog!)

Spank the Donkey (hey is that me?) has a post titled “Italian Citizens get to Shoot Back – DC Citizens Do Not !!!â€? This Staunton, VA post is about the Second Amendment to our Constitution and Spank feelings about the lack of citizen’s ability to defend them selves. (Getting Around editorial note: I got a C+ from the NRA when I ran…)

J. Sarge at New Dominion posts another one of a continuing series of Trivia/Feedback questions. This one is about the venerable Frank Hall the Minority Leader of the House of Delegates and who would be a good replacement if he stepped down from his position. The answer should include who and what strengths do they possess. (Getting Around editorial note: in this hypothetical scenario I hope the replacement would be someone who has a real demonstrated bias for action and concern for party building and bench development)

Libertas at perseverando posted about Faith and Values Remain Constant. I certainly empathize with reality of political triage. (Getting Around editorial note: I was most intrigued by the blog title. I Googled and was finally satisfied with this one:

The headstrong are really the sublime. The man who is only brave owes it to impulse; the man who is only valiant merely possesses that temperament; the man who is courageous has only one virtue; the man who is headstrong in the truth is sublime. All the secrets of great souls lie in the one word, Perseverando. Perseverance is to courage what the winch is to the lever, a perpetual renewal of the point of support. Let the goal be on earth or in heaven, to reach the goal is everything; in the first case one is Columbus, in the second case, Jesus. Never to disobey the dictates of your conscience, never to allow your will to be disarmed, results in suffering, but in triumph as well. The propensity of mortals to fall does not preclude the possibility of soaring. From the fall comes the ascension. Weak souls are disconcerted by specious obstacles; strong souls, never. Perish, they possibly may; conquer, they certainly will. You might give Stephen all sorts of good reasons why he should not let himself be stoned. This contempt for sensible objections gives birth to that sublime victory which is called martyrdom.


So there you have this week’s Blog Carnival. Some crazy and some sane. Some passionate ones, prideful and angst ridden ones as well as a fair number of some genuine streams of consciousness. Will we persevere?

Ok J. Sarge, “…go out for a long one…�



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  6. beth adams

    Loved the blog about the snowy owl and peaceful coexistance between IAD Security and the birding community!

  7. Hey this is a great site! I found you through, “A DC Birding blog.” I’m glad I did!!